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Structural Bodywork


Inner Balance Massage and Bodywork offers structural bodywork to Mills River, NC and surrounding areas. Structural Bodywork is targeted soft tissue therapy that incorporates Trigger Point, Neuromuscular and Myofascial techniques that effectively eliminates chronic pain due to injury or postural distortions. Each muscle group is worked specifically in order to bring the body back into balance to eliminate or greatly reduce pain.


No Pain = More Gain Our bodies should not have to be subjected to more pain when getting out of pain. My approach, when working with specific muscles, is to take you to “The Edge” which is the feeling right before the pain. When the body is in pain it stresses out the nervous system and it makes it very difficult for the body to heal. This approach works within the pain threshold of each individual and helps the body to achieve a deeper state of healing and relaxation.

 Fee Schedule:

  • 60 min $75
  • 90 min $100 
  • 120 min $130

Frequent Healing Session Discounts: $10 off regular massage price when booking 2 or more sessions per month 





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